Raging Angels (HK 1998)

Rating: **
Review Date: 8/4/18
Director: Ricky Lau
Cast: Carrie Ng, Jade Leung, Roy Cheung, Eddie Ko

Another low budget action film made in the Philippines during the post-takeover turmoil. Tammy (Roy Cheung) is an ambitious businessman who murders his rival coworkers and makes widows out of Bin (Carrie Ng) and Chin (Jade Leung). When he tries to get rid of them as well, they turn against him in a desperate act of violent revenge. Unfortunately, this is one of those really depressing Hong Kong films where the price of justice is too high and the good guys lose.

It's a really terrible film, but the protracted climax is fairly entertaining as Carrie Ng and Jade Leung beat the crap out of Roy Cheung. Cheung's fighting is some of the best I've seen from him and he appears to be in top form. Unfortunately, all of the action scenes (except the last one) are shot in super annoying blur-vision, which makes them difficult to watch. On top of that, the aspect ration is a bit off and the audio is about one second out of sync by the end of the movie, which is really irritating and pretty much ruins the finale. However, that's a problem with the DVD transfer, not the film itself (I've noticed this a lot with conversions between PAL and NTSC). Once again, it's sad seeing all of these once-great stars scraping around in productions of this quality, but times were tough for everyone in Hong Kong back then.