Queen's High (HK 1990)

Rating: ***
Alternate Title: In The Line Of Duty 5: In The Beginning
Director: Chris Lee
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Simon Yam, Billy Chow, Kenneth Tsang

Despite the alternate title of this film, this is not a sequel in the "In The Line Of Duty" series. Cynthia Khan is the daughter of a powerful crime boss who inherits his organization after he is murdered. A rival gang wants to take over, but Ms. Khan doesn't give in to their threats and ends up taking them all out. Not much fighting (until the end), but lots of gunplay and heroic bloodshed. And Cynthia Khan has got a wonderfully sharp and sexy wardrobe (especially the thigh high boots). One particular annoyance is that the fight scenes are dubbed poorly, and apart from the standard fist smacking sound effects, the players all fight in complete silence, even though you can see that they're yelling and breathing hard.