Pink Bomb (HK 1993)

Rating: ***
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Waise Lee, Loletta Lee, Fennie Yuen, Gloria Yip, Lau Ching Wan

A fun and silly light-hearted adventure/comedy about a group of Hong Kong tourists that go to Thailand. The tourists include a traffic cop (beautiful Cynthia Khan), a school teacher (adorable Loletta Lee), a beautician (super sexy Fennie Yuen), a cab driver (moody Lau Ching Wan), and a small-time triad gang member. Waise Lee (disguised as a reverend) is their tour guide, who also happens to be an undercover inspector from Scotland Yard working on a counterfeit money case. Along the way they pick up a prostitute (cute Gloria Yip) who has stolen a bunch of counterfeit gang money, and the rest of the film has them trying to get away from the crooks and finally taking them out with the entire Thai army (which the girls win in a gambling match). All of the girls are phenomenal and look great. Hardly any fighting (Cynthia gets in a few kicks), but the characters and fantasy dream sequences are wonderful.