The Peeping Tom (HK 1996)

Rating: *
Review Date: 8/27/00
Cast: Jade Leung, Mark Cheng, Miho Nomoto

Total trash. There are exactly two reasons why I watched this film: kick ass cutie Jade Leung and super sexy Japanese glamour model Miho Nomoto. Both actresses look absolutely great and Jade Leung has never looked better, but unfortunately this film is an utter disgrace to both actresses' careers. Mark Cheng once again reprises his role as a sick and sadistic rapist, a role that has defined his career for many years now. This is yet another film in the disturbing recent trend of psycho-sadistic rape films from Hong Kong, featuring Jade Leung as a police officer and Miho Nomoto as her sister. Creepy Mark Cheng is a serial killer who enjoys kidnapping women with beautiful legs, raping them, and then cutting off their gorgeous legs for his trophy room. When he sees Jade's incredible legs during a police shootout, he devotes himself to getting her. For the next hour the film plays out like the equally atrocious "Raped By An Angel" (1993) as Ms. Leung and Ms. Nomoto suffer countless indignities at the hands of a perverted madman. It's a long time coming, but Jade finally exacts revenge on the bastard, only after he kills everyone she loves. How and why does shit like this get made? It's competently made and well acted, but the story is pointless and the film is nearly intolerable to watch. Unless rape, torture, murder, and dismemberment excite you, steer clear of this one.