Ninja Power Force (HK 1987)

Rating: *
Review Date: 3/27/16
Director: Joseph Lai, Godfrey Ho
Cast: Richard Harrison

An impossibly bad mix-and-match hack job from Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho. The film opens with a red ninja assassinating some important person. You can tell he's a ninja because he's wearing a headband that says "ninja" on it. Inspector Gordon (Richard Harrison) is assigned to the ninja case and then disappears for the majority of the film. Then the story shifts to a gang war where a young man named Frankie is forced to kill his childhood friend Albert in order to protect his boss. The boss tries calling for help, but can't dial 911 on a rotary phone quickly enough before the bad guys pull the plug. Frankie goes to jail for murder, but gets out five years later. Of course, as soon as he's out of jail, everything goes to hell. His devoted girlfriend left him and just recently got married, and Albert's old gang wants revenge, compounded in blood. After being nearly beaten to death, Frankie's friends decide to settle the score and end up getting killed. Then Albert shows up. Wait... Didn't he die at the beginning of the film? And if he's been alive all this time, then why does his gang want revenge so badly? Albert has a falling out with his boss, who mistreated his wife and family while he was in jail, so he teams up with Frankie to take down the bad guys. And then everyone dies. But wait! Where's Inspector Gordon? He's busy donning a yellow ninja suit and fighting the police captain, who happens to be the secret leader of the red ninjas. The end. What?!?

Films like this are simply unbelievable. The original Chinese gangster movie is passable low budget fare, but instantly forgettable. Why the producers felt it was necessary to splice in footage of Richard Harrison dressed as a ninja is completely beyond me. His scenes are so incredibly ridiculous that they defy explanation. Someone must have thought this was a bankable idea, but the results are appallingly bad. Do yourself a favor and avoid this film at all costs.