Mr. Vampire (HK 1985)

Rating: ***
Action Director: Samo Hung
Cast: Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho, Ricky Hui, Moon Lee, Pauline Wong, Yuen Wah

A goofy horror comedy featuring Lam Ching Ying (the one eyebrowed priest) as a Taoist ghostbuster of sorts. A good introduction to Chinese horror folklore complete with walking corpses, lustful ghosts (Pauline Wong), and hopping vampires. Chin Siu Ho plays one of Lam Ching Ying's idiot assistants and the two of them pull off some nice martial arts and acrobatics. A very young Moon Lee shows up only to run around scared and shriek a lot - a sad waste. A little gruesome on the animal brutality with a chicken getting its throat slit and yet another live snake gall removal. (they both look pretty convincing)