Minisuka Tokusoutai: L.E.G.S. (Japan 1998)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/7/04
Cast: Ichiko Sannomiya, Naoko Morita, Kumi Ichikawa, Yinling of Joytoy

Thoroughly entertaining and utterly hilarious! The famed Minisuka Police are at it again with this full length video adventure, which pits police officers Ichiko Sannomiya, Naoko Morita, and Kumi Ichikawa against a band of evil women including the seductively wicked, chainsaw weilding Yinling. Extremely tongue in cheek, the girls spend most of their time posing suggestively and flashing their underwear while they're investigating their latest case. The girls are all adorable and keenly aware of the absurdity of their material, which just adds to the goofiness of the entire production. The "action scenes" consist of the girls wrestling with each other and showing off as much cleavage and underwear as possible. Ultimately this video is an innocently fun and lighthearted T&A romp that has no illusions about being anything other than that. And by the way, L.E.G.S. stands for "Lady Executioners for General Security." Gotta love that!