The Messiah From The Future (Japan 1997)

Rating: ***
Director: Atsushi Shimizu
Writer: Shimako Sata
Cast: Kazumi Murata, Shuji Kashiwabara, Hinako Saeki

Another look at the sad and lonely lives of Japanese teenage girls. On November 11, 1997 at 12:00 pm, strange things start happening at a local high school. Two mysterious new students show up, and several of the other students discover that they have ESP. One of the new students is an evil girl (Hinako Saeki) who starts brainwashing and recruiting students and faculty into her army of secret police, while the other one is a charming boy who is inexplicably connected to Hinako and ends up opposing her. In the middle of this is our heroine, the amazingly cute and melancholic Kazumi Murata. The voices in her head tell her that something is wrong, and she develops an innocent crush on Shuji. Together they share tender moments of anxiety and awkwardness, and spend a good amount of time being chased by the evil students. A typically slow and talky film, but appropriately creepy. It would have probably been a lot better if I knew what any of the characters were saying. Great looking and well made, with some nice effects thrown in here and there.