Madam City Hunter (HK 1992)

Rating: ***
Martial Arts Choreography: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Anthony Wong, Sheila Chan, Wei Ying Hung, Wu Fong, Kwong Leung Wong

Supercop Ching Wong (Cynthia Khan) is framed for murder and with aid of an eccentric P.I. named Charlie (Anthony Wong), she manages to clear her name and see justice done. Cynthia Khan is the only justification for watching this somewhat silly film, and she is quite lovely. She's as cute and spunky as ever, but shows a more feminine and sexy side than usual. The fighting is great, although somewhat spoiled by continuity flaws and occasional stunt doubling for Ms. Khan and Anthony Wong. A very sexy and seductive Wei Ying Hung is on hand to try and seduce Ching's father (Wu Fong), and has a couple of great fight scenes as well. Although I was initially quite annoyed by this film, it improves with multiple viewings and Sheila Chan's character becomes far less irritating.