Lone Wolf And Cub 3: Baby Cart At Hades (Japan 1972)

Rating: ****
Cast: Tomisaburo Wakayama, Akihiro Tomikawa

Ogami Itto continues to roam the countryside with his adorable son, Daigoro. Most notably he puts his life on the line to save a young girl from persecution and prostitution when he accepts to take her punishment for her. He then gets hired to kill a crooked official, who also wants to hire him to kill someone else. Little Daigoro is slowly maturing and takes on a little more action and responsibility, jaded by the constant violence surrounding him, but still taking time to admire and appreciate the beauty of nature. The final battle is outrageous, with Itto taking on a hundred warriors with everything he's got (including guns mounted on the baby cart!). As he and Daigoro walk into the sunset we hear the classic line "Don't go after him! He's a monster!" Indeed.