Living Dead In Tokyo Bay (Japan 1992)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Battle Girl
Cast: Cutei Suzuki

This no-budget shot on video atrocity is SO bad that it makes "Space Hunter Miki" (1996) look like a big budget blockbuster. A meteor has crashed in Tokyo Bay infecting everyone in the area and turning them into zombies. Cute Cutei Suzuki shows up in a really cool set of body armor and starts taking out the zombies and rescuing any human survivors in the area. The pacing is extremely slow, and nearly the entire plot is dialog driven. Even most of the "action" in the "action sequences" takes place off screen. Horrible effects, awful fighting, lame explosions, bad acting, terrible soundtrack, and embarrassingly cheap sets make you wonder why and how this film ever got made. More than anything, it resembles a home movie or a school project. To be avoided at all costs.