Lethal Girls 2 (HK 1995)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: Story Of The Gun
Cast: Gordon Liu (Lau Kar Fai), Mark Cheng, Yukari Oshima, Sophia Crawford

The best film that Yukari Oshima has done in a long time, but it's still only an average actioner. Gordon Liu, sporting a full head of hair and a moustache (!), plays a cop who's on the trail of a low rent hot-tempered gangster (Mark Cheng) who's trying to make a quick buck selling illegal arms. Naturally, things go from bad to worse as both sides become more desperate to resolve their differences. With a cute new haircut, Yukari Oshima's back to being a villain and she looks great. She gets into a couple of well executed scraps, most notably with buffed up police officer Sophia Crawford (now THERE'S a switch). A nice looking "B" film with a bizarre amalgam of musical scores.