Lethal Contact (HK 1992)

Rating: **
Director: Kent Cheng, Billy Lau
Cast: Kent Cheng, Billy Lau, Sibelle Hu, cameos by Amy Yip and Jeffrey Falcon

Kent Cheng and Billy Lau are a pair of bumbling cops that get messed up in a case that leaves their new partner dead. They then decide to help his beautiful and deceptive widow solve the case and redeem themselves. Cute Sibelle Hu is on hand as the police superintendant overseeing the investigation, but doesn't see any action until the final twenty minutes on the film. Despite being a silly cop buddy film, there is some surprisingly good and brutal martial arts action. Even more surprising is the punishment that the two rather ample leads dish out. I am now convinced that both Mr. Cheng and Mr. Lau could really beat the crap out of someone.