Legend Of The Drunken Tiger (HK 1995)

Rating: **
Cast: Wei Ying Hung

A good looking and well made, but overly dumb "B" movie period piece, featuring some of the worst costumes and wigs since the original "Star Trek" series. Severely disjointed and a bit heavy on the drunken humor, but the fight scenes are energetic and look great, aside from some embarrassingly poor wire tricks. The main character is a drunkard fighter (actor unknown) who is betrothed to pretty Wei Ying Hung and is part of a rebel alliance against the Ching Dynasty and the foreign invaders (who happen to come from all over the world). He fights well and is a lot of fun to watch. Wei Ying Hung also gets to dish out some kung fu punishment and she looks great. Too bad the whole thing just doesn't come together.