Legacy Of Rage (HK 1986)

Rating: **
Director: Ronnie Yu
Cast: Brandon Lee, Michael Wong, Mung Hoi, Shing Fui On, Ken Lo, Bolo Yeung, Regina Kent

D & B Films delivers Brandon Lee's only Hong Kong movie, a pointless and violent tale of friendship, betrayal, and revenge. Brandon Lee is a simple honest man, trying to make a living for himself and his lovely wife (pretty Regina Kent). Michael Wong is the son of a wealthy crime boss and uses Brandon as a scapegoat for a murder he commits. While Brandon's pining away the years in prison, Michael Wong is busy trying to rape Lee's wife and be the biggest crime boss around. Brandon finally gets out of prison, learns the truth, and goes after Michael for revenge - which he gets. Thankfully, Brandon Lee's fierce presence and raw intensity saves the film from mediocrity, and the finale escalates into a ridiculous free-for-all shootout. A downbeat ending, typical of the genre and the period, leaves you feeling even less satisfied with the film, but at least it's never slow. Another interesting aspect of the film is that there's a lecherous old man who starts out as contemptuous, but is eventually developed into as a gentle, kind, and caring gentleman, and becomes a true hero in the end (only to be riddled with bullets) A welcomed spin on a familiar theme.