Lady Super Cops (HK 1993)

Rating: **
Review Date: 6/10/12
Cast: Carina Lau, Teresa Mo, May Lo Mei-Mei, Wai-Man Chan, Eric Tsang, Waise Lee

Average action fare that benefits from a strong cast and some colorful cinematography. Carina Lau is a tough cop and an expert marksman. Teresa Mo is a loud-mouthed goofy cop who knows some pretty decent kung fu. Together, they work with a prostitute/informant named May to crack down an illegal arms operation. Unfortunately, the bad guy is a complete psycho nut job with a penchant for sadistic violence, and a pile of dead bodies follows in his wake. Ultimately, Lau and Mo go above the law to exact justice in a typical waterfront warehouse showdown.

First of all, how many bullets and stab wounds does it take to bring a man down? Good grief, the villains in this movie simply will not die. Carina Lau does an excellent job with her tough girl role and looks pretty darn sexy, too. Unfortunately, her character is often overpowered by male opponents, and her martial arts skills aren't very good. Teresa Mo shows off some nice double-sword work in the beginning of the film to establish her character's prowess, but that's the last we see of her in the action department. What she brings to the film are charm and charisma, and her rapid fire dialog and gesticulations are delightful. She's also responsible for a lot of the misplaced humor in the film. There are several nicely executed action scenes sprinkled throughout the film to help keep the audience engaged, but it falls apart in the final act with a confusing climax that looks like it was tacked on as an afterthought. Still, it's not a bad way to get a Hong Kong girls with guns fix.