Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance (Japan 1974)

Rating: **
Cast: Kaji Meiko

A great looking, but boring as hell, sequel to the awesome "Lady Snowblood" (1973). The film starts with Yuki being relentlessly pursued by the police. She finally exhausts herself, allows herself to be captured, and is sentenced to death. The secret police decide to spare her life if in return she steals a confidential document for them, which incriminates them for nasty wrongdoings. She switches sides when she learns the truth behind the document and the secret police, and aids in destroying the organization. Kaji Meiko looks great, and she doesn't have that pale ghostly palor that carried her through the first film. Unfortunately, the fighting is really lame and the bloodletting is disappointing, but there are a couple of great blood geysers and some really nasty torture scenes.