Lady Rose (Japan 1998)

Rating: *

Really bad. More no-budget shot on video crap aimed at the non-discriminating smut audience. Once again I fell victim to an attractive box cover featuring an attractive woman in leather with a gun. Fortunately, unlike American films, the attractive woman in leather with the gun is actually in the film and actually uses the gun, but to poor effect. The incoherent plot quickly dives into "Zero Woman" territory, stringing pointless and sleazy sex scenes together with dreadfully dull dialog scenes, until the main character in the story finally exacts her revenge - or something. She's attractive and looks really bitchy, but she doesn't quite have the presence and conviction to physically pull off the role as a tough chick. There's no action in the film to speak of, other than the endless parade of rape scenes, and the whole thing reeks of low-brow exploitation. Definitely pass this one up.