Lady In Heat (HK 1999)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/2/03
Cast: Rebaca Chang Yea-Ling, Miho Nomoto

There's exactly one reason to watch this silly piece of erotic trash: Miho Nomoto. Wowzers. "Lady In Heat" is an erotic anthology consisting of three tales of passion, betrayal, and lust. The first tale is "The Pink Encounter", which is a goofy story of a very attractive young lady who seduces the manager of bathroom supply store and later blackmails him. If nothing else, her bathtub scenes are extremely exciting. The second tale called "House For Rent" starts out dismal and depressing, as a down on their luck young couple moves into a new house. The young man can't find a job and ends up selling his own blood to make ends meet, while his lovely wife starts selling her body. Things get really complicated and steamy when the landlady sets her sights on the young man and the landlord ends up with the young man's wife in a love hotel. But the coup de grace is the final story, which doesn't have an English name. A sixty year old business man is brutally murdered, and his sexy and sensual girlfriend Young Liu (Rebaca Chang) is the number one suspect. Super sexy Miho Nomoto is the police detective in charge of investigating the case, and in no time, the two of them are rolling around in the sack and taking long, romantic walks on the beach. Can Rebaca be trusted and will Miho's feelings get in the way of her investigation? It doesn't really matter, because the only reason you're watching this in the first place is to see these two beautiful women kissing and caressing each other in slow motion with high powered fans blowing their silky hair around.