Kiss And Kill (HK 1967)

Rating: **
Review Date: 4/29/19
Cast: Paul Chang, Diana Chang, Tina Chin-Fei

Liang Tien-Hong (Paul Chang) is a rich playboy who likes to play detective and is an expert in karate and judo. His uncle builds a special XX Ray which allows him to remotely blow up nuclear weapons, but he dies before he can deliver it to the United Nations. Tien-Hong suspects foul play in his uncle's untimely death, and is determined to find his secrets before the bad guys do. With the help of a sculptor named Mei-Ling (former Miss Hong Kong Diana Chang), Tien-Hong finds the ray and puts the bad guys out of business. The final scene is an abrupt cut of Tien-Hong getting frisky with some woman, but it's unclear who it is.

Spy thrillers were all the rage in the 1960's, and this has all of the requisite sex, violence, fast cars, wicked women, underworld villains, and spy gadgets that you'd expect from the genre. It even uses the James Bond theme during the opening credits! Unfortunately, it's not very interesting or engaging. Paul Chang is suave and charming, but not especially convincing as a detective and a fighter. Diana Chang receives star billing, but she's only in a handful of scenes. It's actually Tina Chin-Fei who steals the show as the sinister Lady Tao, who poses as Tien-Hong's sexy secretary. She's very alluring and burns up the screen with her fierce attitude and 60's glamour sensibilities. Overall, it's mindless entertainment that favors style over substance and harkens back to a much simpler time.