Kid From Kwangtung (HK 1981)

Rating: **
Review Date: 10/19/00
Cast: Yung Wang Yu, Chiang Kam, Hwang Jang Lee, Yeung Pan Pan (Sharon Yeung)

This excruciatingly bad film is saved only by its exhausting thirty minute kung fu finale. The first hour of the film is a pointless series of set pieces where rivals Yung Wang Yu and chunky Chiang Kam try to outdo each other's pranks. And outside of Wong Jing's "Last Hero In China", I never thought I'd ever see another "chicken vs. centipede" fight, but lo and behold, this film has one. The film even cashes in on the popular "hopping vampire" genre when the kids sneak into a mausoleum on a dare and end up dealing with real vampires. It also features a pseudo dance number. Ugh. Sharon Yeung shows up as a pretty object of desire for the boys, but she sadly has little screen time and little to do. Apart from the big showdown, she only gets into one little scrap with an overly aggressive admirer. Somewhere along the line, fun time is over when Hwang Jang Lee shows up and kills all of the kids' parents. Then Yung Wang Yu, Chiang Kam, and Sharon Yeung get serious and team up to duke it out with Hwang Jang Lee and his cronies. This final battle features some outstanding kung fu from all of the players, but the primary focus is on Wang Yu and Hwang Jang Lee - they really dish out the punishment, although their monkey-fu and cat-fu routines get a little silly after awhile. Hwang Jang Lee reinforces his reputation for not holding back, and some of his opponents get hit really hard. Ouch!!! But apart from the climax, the film is poorly made, badly edited, and a serious chore to sit through. And who is the kid from Kwangtung anyway?