Kickfighter (HK 1989)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: Final Run
Director: Philip Ko
Cast: Philip Ko, Leung Ka Yan, Yukari Oshima, Dick Wei, Simon Yam

Alright, I broke a promise I made a while back about never watching another Philip Ko film again, but this one isn't half bad. Mind you, it's not all that great either. A righteous Hong Kong customs official refuses to turn a blind eye to a heroin shipment coming into the country, and the bad guys (including a nasty Philip Ko, and a tiny cameo by Simon Yam) proceed to kill his family and are on his tail for the rest of the film. He tracks the heroin operation to Thailand where he runs into kickboxer Dick Wei (in an unusual good guy role) who is being framed as a fall guy for the smuggling operation. When he unfortunately gets wasted, his sister (Yukari Oshima with a decidedly different hair style) comes to Thailand for revenge, and both she and the customs official clean out an entire Thai village of bad soldiers. The fighting is fun and furious and the action scenes are a step up from the usual Philip Ko standard. Very watchable stuff. In particular, the final fight between Yukari Oshima and the villainess from "Angel Enforcers" is quite rewarding, along with the musical score lifted from "Aliens".