The Hypnotist (Japan 1999)

Rating: **
Review Date: 12/1/01

Boring Japanese psycho-thriller. A rash of bizarre suicides hits Tokyo, and several police officers begin to think that post-hypnotic suggestion may be the cause. As they get closer to unravelling the mystery of "the green monkey", the film takes a sharp turn into the supernatural.

Part of a new wave of Japanese thrillers that was obviously inspired by "The Ring" (1997). Unfortunately, the story is confusing and disjointed (probably on purpose), the characters are uninteresting, the film is slow, and it never seems to generate a real sense of terror or suspense. However, it does have a couple of frightening moments towards the very end, as well as a shockingly juicy head squib. (yum!) The film looks good and is well made, but it's just not very interesting.