The Hurricane (HK 1972)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 5/21/13
Director: Lo Wei
Cast: Nora Miao, Patrick Tse, Chin Chuan, Shih Kien, cameo by Lo Wei

A wandering swordsman named Hurricane (Patrick Tse) is framed for carrying a secret letter to a group of Mongols. Everyone is out to kill him, although he doesn't know why. He is eventually befriended by a righteous swordsman (Chin Chuan) who attempts to clear his name, only to become an outcast as well. Nora Miao leads a group of sisters called the Phoenix Trio, and she eventually sides with Hurricane as well. This all leads to a silly and predictable reveal, when the real villain finally shows up and becomes afflicted with evil laughter.

The plot moves swiftly and is full of intriguing twists and turns. Patrick Tse turns in a very charming and animated performance as Hurricane, and his swordplay is quite good. Chin Chuan's fight scenes are also excellent. Nora Miao is always fun to watch, but she takes on more of a supporting role this time around. Her fight scenes are enjoyable, and the addition of the other Phoenix sisters is a nice touch. A good production all around, and fans of classic swordplay films should find something to like about it.