Her Fatal Ways II (HK 1991)

Rating: *
Review Date: 10/6/06
Director: Alfred Cheung
Cast: Carol "Do Do" Cheng, Alfred Cheung, Waise Lee

Carol "Do Do" Cheng and Alfred Cheung return to Hong Kong for more wacky hijinks involving illegal arms dealers. Waise Lee plays the slick and slimy love interest this time around, as the cousin of Tony Leung's character from the first film. He also happens to be a police officer and the inevitable cross cultural joint operation takes place.

This is an example of the very worst type of sequel, one that is simply a low quality knock-off of the original. The jokes are stale and even less funny the second time around. Tony Leung's absence also spells doom for the proceedings, and the innocent tenderness of the first film comes off as a farce in this one. The action is extremely sparse and basically boils down to two chaotic, but marginally entertaining shootouts. Alfred Cheung actually gets to use his ESP this time around, with lukewarm results. We learn that the key to focusing his powers depends on his chastity, which leads to the film's most bizarre line of dialog: "a drop of sperm equals seven drops of blood." That makes about as much sense as the rest of the film does. As before, only Carol Cheng's impressive acting and comedic timing keep the film moving, but unless you're a fan of Hong Kong comedy, it can be a serious chore to watch.