The H-Man (Japan 1958)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/20/09
Director: Ishiro Honda
Cast: Yumi Shirakawa

The Japanese police have their hands full with a drug-running homicide case in which the suspects have mysteriously dissolved, leaving behind only their clothes. Dr. Masada is a young scientist researching the effects of radiation and hydrogen bomb testing, and discovers that a liquid monster has come to Tokyo and is feeding on people. They dub the monster, "The H-Man." Somehow, a pretty cabaret singer named Chikako (lovely Yumi Shirakawa) gets involved in the whole mess, and naturally needs saving. A well made and good looking film that suffers from the typical pacing issues. It also features a surprising amount of skin, especially considering it was made in 1958. And even though the Japanese police are very polite, they have no qualms with breaking and entering, and roughing people up. It's an interesting look back in time, and a curious blend of Japanese horror and hard-boiled detective sensibilities.