High School Ghosthustlers (Japan 1995)

Rating: *
Review Date: 7/15/01
Cast: Senna Matsuda, Yuko Kitamura, Yuka Nakamori, Minami Kurihara

Dreadful, no budget, shot-on-video drek, that is only redeemed by its cast of cute Japanese schoolgirls. Emi (Yuka Nakamori), Mayu (Yuko Kitamura), and Kyoko (Senna Matsuda) are teenage girls who belong to the Supernatural Phenomenon Research Club at their school. When the female student suicide rate starts to skyrocket, the principal begs them for their help in the matter. After solving the case, the girls move on to more dangerous paranormal missions, and eventually end up at Onin High School, where the unchecked usage of Ouija boards has caused naughty spirits to possess the bodies of the female students and turn them into sexually aggressive predators. It takes all of their resources and psychic energy to cleanse the spirits of the school, as well as the use of a magical wooden dildo. Um, yeah...

This video is pretty awful, and if it weren't for the charms of Emi and Mayu, I probably wouldn't have made it all the way through. They are very cute and stumble through the production with as much dignity and seriousness as they can muster. The visual effects are pretty terrible, and the penis monsters are downright disgusting. There are certainly better ways to get a Japanese schoolgirl fix.