Gun Crazy Episode 3: The Big Gundown (Japan 2003)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 3/27/04
Director: Atsushi Muroga
Cast: Kasumi Nakane, Mitsuho Ohtani

Aki Fukase (Kasumi Nakane) is a police officer at the top of her class who gets promoted to detective. Her first case goes terribly awry when both of her partners, as well as an undercover agent, are killed in a terrorist bombing. Even though she is demoted and paired with an eccentric drunk officer, Aki continues to investigate the bombing case and runs into bad girl Reika (Mitsuho Ohtani), who has her own agenda for stopping the terrorists. Putting aside their obvious differences, cop and criminal team up to take the bad guys down before more innocents are killed.

A bit of a letdown from the first two "Gun Crazy" stories, but this one benefits from having TWO lovely models as the leads. While they're both capable actresses, their characters aren't nearly as tough and captivating as the previous "Gun Crazy" girls. Swimsuit model Kasumi Nakane does a good job of bouncing between weak and frail, and strong and confident, while Mitsuho Ohtani just broods intensely. They both handle their guns quite nicely and they're fun to watch. The production values seem a bit higher in this episode, with more actors, richer action sequences, and bigger explosions. The writing falls a bit flat and the story is predictable and clichéd, but enjoyable nonetheless. A good girls with guns outing that stays in line with director Muroga's vision.