Golden Destroyers (HK 1985)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/2/04
Director: Gordon Chan

Let us never speak of this film again.

Three Thai police officers go on vacation in Hong Kong and get into trouble with some local Buddhist monks. The head abbot (with the most ridiculous eyebrows I've ever seen) has learned how to reanimate dead monks as the famous Shaolin bronzemen, only using gold instead of bronze. One of the head priests decides to steal the group of "golden destroyers" to use in his nefarious plans for world domination, so he flees to Thailand. There, our three cops, along with a pickpocket orphan, a female Shaolin monk, and a Thai sharpshooter search the jungle for their elusive golden quarry. Who on earth could have thought this was a good idea?!? Unspeakably bad on every level.