Godzilla Vs. Mothra (Japan 1992)

Rating: ***

A modern remake of the classic original, this features awesome state of the art effects and first rate destruction. A meteor collides with Earth and causes Mothra's egg to be unearthed and releases a nasty monster named Battra from the polar ice caps. It also wakes up Godzilla who visits the hatchling Mothra and thrashes around with her until Battra shows up. Both Battra and Mothra trash Tokyo, and after tranforming from their larval stages they team up to take out Godzilla. Mothra finally wins (!) leaving the dying Battra and Godzilla somewhere in the Pacific ocean, and she and the Cosmos (the two cute fairies from the original) say good-bye and fly into space. Lots of great monster fun, and the clowns at G-Force amazingly never tried anything stupid.