Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah (Japan 1991)

Rating: **

One of the more bizarre entries in the second Godzilla series - perhaps because it was so poorly dubbed into Cantonese... A time machine from the future arrives in Japan with a plan to destroy Godzilla by making sure he's not on the island where he was originally bombarded with radiation - sort of a "Terminator" (1984) approach. Instead, they send the then dinosaur version of Godzilla into the Bering Sea and leave behind three little bat creatures which mutate into King Ghidorah. The future people then order Ghidorah to destroy Japan in an attempt to change the future. Uh-huh. But little do they realize that Godzilla comes into being from nuclear waste being dumped into the Bering Sea, just in time to thrash Ghidorah and finish taking out Tokyo. Finally, Ghidorah is refitted as a cyborg and saves Tokyo by forcing Godzilla back out to sea. The plot is a muddled mess, and time travel films generally tend to bug me. There's also a hilarious android from the future whose performance is downright embarrassing. But the destruction scenes are pretty rewarding, so all is not lost.