Godzilla Vs. Gigan (Japan 1972)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: Godzilla On Monster Island
Review Date: 7/5/02
Cast: Yuriko Hishimi

Ah yes, 1972... A time when you could get away with dressing people up in orange and have that pass for being a space alien. (God knows that people from Earth would never wear orange...) I have fond childhood memories of this Godzilla film, even with the cheezy premise and the recycled fight footage. A group of alien cockroaches disguised as humans are building a theme park called "Children's Land." The centerpiece is a life-sized replica of Godzilla, which houses the aliens' control center. Their plan for perfect peace involves calling King Ghidorah and Gigan to Earth, so that they can destroy Monster Island and all human civilization. Then the cockroaches can rule Earth. A nosy and annoying comic book artist stumbles onto their plans for world domination and assembles a small team of friends (including adorable Yuriko Hishimi) to stop the bad guys. And what does he contribute to the battle? A life-sized poster of him and his friends. Ouch. The monster scenes are fun, although a lot of footage is borrowed from earlier Godzilla films. However, the biggest embarrassment is Godzilla and Anguilus "talking" to each other. That is just WRONG, not to mention stupid. Still, overall it's an enjoyable monster outing.