Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (HK 1989)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/26/00
Alternate Title: Lethal Revenge
Cast: Mark Cheng, Yukari Oshima, Dick Wei, Benny Ko, Ken Lo

A completely incomprehensible contemporary kung fu action flick starring Mark Cheng before he became a Category III psychotic rapist. Mark Cheng and Benny Ko are best friends who work at their uncle's fish farm. When they cause some trouble in a bar, the offended party poisons all of their fish. Then, acting on false information, they storm Mr. Lee's residence for retribution, but he knows nothing of the matter. He lets them go, but in the next scene they show up at his house as kung fu instructors for Mr. Lee's daughter, played by an enthusiastic Yukari Oshima. And in the next scene, the two of them are working at Mr. Lee's nightclub! What gives?!? It turns out that Mr. Lee is having some financial problems, and a Japanese gang lead by Ken Lo is muscling in on his business. This leads to betrayal and murder, and the escalating violence comes to a head at Ken Lo's posh house. Their revenge complete, Mark and Yukari stagger out of the building as the credits roll.

This film is a cut-and-paste nightmare and it's nearly impossible to tell what's going on and what's going to happen next. I suspect some of it may be due to an inaccurate translation, but even so, it's a disaster. Fortunately, it does feature some great martial arts brawling and some surprisingly violent stuntwork. Yukari Oshima fans will probably be pleased with her 2-3 fight scenes. In the "funny credits" category, we have a cameraman named Daffy Poon and a supporting cast member named Turbo Jet. How amusing.