Ghoul Sex Squad (HK 1992)

Rating: *
Review Date: 12/30/20

Here's a rarity: a Chinese hardcore sex horror film. A corpse herder is traveling with five hopping vampires, and when he discovers that one of them is a woman, he decides to have sex with her. When he comes across a village, he leaves the corpses at a temple so that he can get some food and wine. He also has sex with a young woman who catches his eye. Meanwhile, a scholar who doesn't believe in ghosts visits the temple and unwittingly revives the vampires, while a couple of young lovers sneak out to the woods to have sex. After their little tryst, the boy gets attacked by vampires, and a vampire has sex with the girl, who either doesn't notice or doesn't care. In what is by far the most bizarre scene in the film, instead of ejaculating, the vampire's penis inhales smoke. Eventually, the corpse herder is able to subdue all of the vampires and continue his journey.

It's an utterly pointless film, but the women are pretty and the cinematography is halfway decent. The sex scenes are surprisingly gentle and tame, which is highly unusual for the rape-centric culture of Asian cinema. It's also interesting to hear them accompanied by traditional Chinese music instead of the usual porno jazz. It's odd that watching actual sex is less awkward than watching overly exaggerated simulated sex. The vampire scenes are mostly silly and the plastic fangs are a complete embarrassment. Like most adult films, it's a low budget production that fails to live up to the potential of its premise.