Gamera Vs. Zigra (Japan 1971)

Rating: *

Ouch. I remember liking those old Gamera films a lot more as a kid, but these days they seem pretty awful. A race of aquarian aliens comes to Earth with plans to take over the oceans, and enslave and consume the human race. But a couple of cute and pesky kids keep ruining their plans. Fortunately for the aliens, all of the humans in the film are complete idiots, but fortunately for the human race, Gamera is on their side. The alien finally manifests itself as a giant shark-like space monster called Zigra, and he and Gamera duke it out on land and underwater. The entire thing is unremarkable and much of the film is an embarrassment. The two highlights are seeing Gamera blow flames out of his mouth via a real flame thrower, and the alien space chick is quite a looker.