Gamera Vs. Gaos (Japan 1967)

Rating: **

Probably the best of the original Gamera films, this one pits our favorite flying turtle against a giant bat-like creature called Gaos. Gaos feeds on human blood, is sensitive to daylight, dislikes fire, and shoots a potent ultrasonic beam from its throat. As usual, the adults in the film are a bunch of dim-witted, greedy idiots, and the kids are the only ones who have a clue about what's going on and how to defeat Gaos. Gamera shows up for a couple of rounds with Gaos early on, only to get pummelled, but he finally comes out on top in the last fight by dragging Gaos into the mouth of an erupting Mt. Fuji. Nostaligic fun with silly rubber suits and cheesy effects.