Gamera 2: Advent Of Legion (Japan 1996)

Rating: ****
Alternate Title: Gamera 2: The Real Guardian Of The Universe
Cast: Miki Mizuno, Ayako Fujitani

This movie kicks ass! They really pulled out all the stops with this big budget film, as a bad-ass Gamera has to fight off a horde of "legion" space aliens from destroying the Earth. Everything about this film is spectacular, and digital effects are seamlessly married to full scale and miniature work. Even Gamera has gotten a facelift and looks much sleeker and meaner. The coolest aspect is that his front arms turn into sea turtle flippers when he's flying, which looks really great from both a visual and aerodynamic viewpoint. A different scientist babe is on board this time (Miki Mizuno), but she's still pretty hot (especially in her pink fuzzy sweater!). Gamera's girlfriend Asagi (Ayako Fujitani) returns, but only briefly, and it seems that her connection to the big guy gets severed by the end of the movie. Highly recommended!