Future Cops (HK 1993)

Rating: **
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Andy Lau, Chingmy Yau, Dicky Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Charlie Young, Ken Lo, Jacky Cheung, Simon Yam, Aaron Kwok, Richard Ng, Billy Chow

This film is a ridiculous take on the characters from the "Street Fighter II" video game. Now I understand why everyone dislikes Wong Jing as a filmmaker. The endless stream of slapstick is ludicrous and tiresome, and the fighting (what little there is) is outrageous. However, Chingmy Yau and Charlie Young are wonderful to watch (as always), and the guy who plays "Ken" (Ekin Cheng) is impossibly handsome. Also note that there is a frightfully realistic scene of Andy Lau ripping a live snake's gall bladder out and then eating it. Ugh!