Fox Hunter (HK 1995)

Rating: ***
Cast: Jade Leung, Jordan Chan, Yu Rong Guang

A pleasant surprise from Jade Leung as she proves she's still got what it takes to star in an action film. She takes a pretty harsh beating before all is said and done, and is not the female supercop that you would expect from a HK film. As is the recent trend, it seems that women are becoming weaker in body and stronger in spirit in these films. Jade is a HK policewoman who accepts a perilous mission to go undercover as a prostitute in order to catch a criminal. And the criminal is surprisingly nasty, resourceful, and effective, which is a rare treat for the entire action genre. Not surprisingly, everything goes to hell, leading to the bad guy brutalizing and raping Jade, and then killing her uncle before her eyes. In order to get revenge, she coerces an obnoxious pimp (Jordan Chan) to help her and goes to China to hunt him down. A restrained Yu Rong Guang is the officer in charge in China, and the three of them enter an uneasy alliance to trap the villain. A good solid actioner with strong performances and out of control gun fights.