Four Robbers (HK 1987)

Rating: *
Review Date: 3/21/10

The title says it all, and I should probably just leave it at that. A band of four robbers leave China to make their fortunes in Hong Kong. After they run into trouble with the local Hong Kong gangsters, they move to Thailand and continue their lives of crime. Three of the robbers are idiots who are always getting into trouble with gambling and women, while the fourth is a dark and tragic serious guy who lives by a strict, albeit questionable code of principles. While the idiot robbers are constantly stirring up trouble, it's the leader who seals their sad fates by refusing to give face and play nicely with the local crime lords. His arrogant self righteous attitude ultimately ends up getting the whole gang thrown to the wolves.

Just what is this film trying to say? It doesn't feature any likable characters, and the overall message seems to be that a life of crime is hard and unfair. Am I supposed to feel sorry for these murdering thugs? Uninteresting and instantly forgettable.