Forbidden Arsenal (HK 1990)

Rating: ***
Alternate Title: In The Line Of Duty 6
Director: Yuen Chun Man
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Waise Lee, Too Shu Chun, Robin Shou, Garry Chau, Loletta Lee, Philip Kwok

A naughty Robin Shou has set up a nice arms trafficking operation in Hong Kong, and it's up to Inspector Yeung (adorable Cynthia Khan) to bust him. The only problem is that she has to look out for two other officers who are also on the case - one is a simple and naive cop from mainland China (Too Shu Chun), and the other is a slick and slimy cop from Taiwan (Waise Lee). They eventually manage to put their differences aside and all work together to kick Robin Shou's ass. Cynthia Khan looking her very best - her fighting is great and she's finally got some cute outfits to wear. The film also features her first onscreen kiss (that I know of), which is rather unnerving. Robin Shou also looks great and puts up a great fight, and his sister (beautiful Loletta Lee) is quite charming to watch. Not up to the standards set by the previous films in the series, but still highly enjoyable.