Five Fingers Of Death (HK 1970)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 4/2/00
Alternate Titles: Iron Palm, King Boxer
Director: Cheng Chang Ho
Cast: Lo Lieh

A Shaw Brothers kung fu classic, thankfully presented in widescreen as god intended. A pretty standard story in which Lo Lieh trains long and hard to win a prestigious martial arts tournament. But there's an evil school that also wants to win, and they throw all sorts of treachery in the works. After being severely beaten and having his hands broken by the enemy, Lo Lieh manages to recover and trains some more for the upcoming tournament. He eventually wins, but the villain's treachery lives on, forcing Lo Lieh to finally kill everyone. A kung fu masterpiece, well filmed and full of great fighting. Possibly Lo Lieh's finest accomplishment, before he was relegated to playing countless white haired super-villains.