Fist Of Legend (HK 1994)

Rating: ****
Director: Gordon Chan
Martial Arts Director: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Jet Li, Chin Siu Ho, Billy Chow, Yasuaki Kurata, Shinobu Nakayama, Yuen Cheung Yan

Jet Li stars in this incredible remake of Bruce Lee's "Fist Of Fury" (1971) (a.k.a. "The Chinese Connection"). While studying abroad in Japan, Jet Li learns that his master was killed in a martial arts tournament by a Japanese fighter. Suspicious of foul play, he rushes home to China in order to investigate the case. He stirs up a lot of trouble, which eventually leads to a furious kung fu showdown with a nasty Japanese general (Billy Chow). This film is utterly fantastic. Jet Li, Chin Siu Ho, Billy Chow, and Yasuaki Kurata are all in top form and performing some of the most spectacular fighting sequences I've ever seen. (thank you Yuen Woo Ping!) And on top of all that, Jet Li's girlfriend (adorable Shinobu Nakayama) is one of the cutest Japanese actresses I've ever seen - impossibly charming. This film, and Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master II" (1994) are my favorite kung fu films of all time.