First Shot (HK 1993)

Rating: ***
Director: David Lam
Martial Arts Choreography: Yuen Tak
Cast: Ti Lung, Maggie Cheung, Waise Lee, Simon Yam

A strong and gritty police action/drama centered around police corruption in 1970's Hong Kong. A strong cast with strong characters, coupled with a good story and spirited action sequences. Police officer Ti Lung is part of an anti-corruption task force who gets shot by one of his crooked fellow officers (Simon Yam). Upon rehabiltation, he hooks up with a great looking Maggie Cheung, two rookie officers, and the turncoat Simon Yam. They all go after the root of the problem, a nasty crime boss played by Waise Lee (the role he was born to play). Great fighting and gunplay with powerful performances. A great movie, but a little too gritty and hard edged for my tastes.