Fatal Termination (HK 1989)

Rating: **
Cast: Ray Lui, Moon Lee, Simon Yam, Philip Ko, Robin Shou

A somewhat disjointed film about an arms smuggling operation gone terribly awry. Robin Shou is the crooked customs officer responsible for all of the trouble and Philip Ko plays an excellent villain. A hot tempered and disheveled Simon Yam gives a gritty performance as the police officer investigating the case. Moon Lee takes a back seat to the other actors, but when her family starts getting whacked, she gets pissed! She gets into a really good fight with Philip Ko and then straps on a couple of machine guns for the finale. The film gets seriously tense and intense at several points, including an amazing scene where Moon Lee's daughter (maybe eight years old) is dragged by her hair out of the window of a speeding car, with Ms. Lee on the hood attacking the driver. And in a particularly vicious move, the poor girl gets shot to death! Packed full of action and fun to watch, but a little hard to follow at times, with a musical score lifted from "Gorky Park" (1983).