Fatal Love Web: aka Who Killed Him (HK 2003)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/30/04
Director: Ng Kwok Hau
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Siu Fung, Yeung Yuk Mui

Ouch. Shockingly bad stuff from director Ng Kwok Hau and the cast from "Catching Murderer Overseas" (2003). Without subtitles, it's nearly impossible to figure out what's going on in this shot-on-video travesty, and the synopsis on the back doesn't seem to make much sense either. First of all, a man is murdered, and another man and woman (Siu Fung and pretty Yeung Yuk Mui) appear to be his beneficiaries. Yeung takes over the business while Fung runs off and has sex with a photographer. This makes Yeung upset and she plots revenge. It's not clear if Yeung is Fung's wife, girlfriend, mistress, sister, or stalker, but it seems she wants both of them out of the way so she can be the top dog. Cynthia Khan (suffering from a really poor dye job) pops in occasionally as a police officer investigating the original murder, and then shows up in the "action packed" finale to take out the bad guys. The show ends mindlessly on a freeze frame of her pointing her gun. Huh?!?

I'm beginning to see a pattern here with director Ng Kwok Hau. There is NO excuse for a movie to be this bad. The cinematography and lighting are terrible, and this video receives the dubious honor of "Worst Foley Ever." It's quite literally unbelievable. The action scenes are just as lame and deficient as the equally poor "Catching Murderer Overseas," which I didn't think was possible. Sadly, Ms. Khan has little more than an extended cameo in the film, so she couldn't keep my interest. In fact, the only thing that did keep my interest was studying Yeung Yuk Mui's fascinating hairstyles. She's quite pretty and her hair is gorgeous, but that's certainly no justification for watching this garbage.