Dreaming The Reality (HK 1991)

Rating: **
Cast: Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Sibelle Hu, Ben Lam, Eddy Ko

Above average fare. Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima are sisters raised by a cruel foster father as professional killers. During a mission gone awry in Thailand, Ms. Lee receives a serious blow to the head which results in amnesia. She finds shelter with ex-cop Sibelle Hu and her naive kickboxing brother (Ben Lam) who's in trouble with the mob. Moon eventually gets her memory back in time to waste the bad guys and reunite with her sister who has orders to kill her. When Yukari can't pull the trigger, she gets killed by their brother and their mean nasty foster father comes to Thailand to finish off Moon. Finally, Ms. Lee and Ms. Hu take on everybody at a Buddhist temple that they've booby trapped with highly ineffective hand grenades. Some great girls 'n' guns moments and awesome fighting, but the film gets tedious and dragged down in the middle by lengthy boxing matches. Sibelle Hu's character is a howl as a tough chick with an attitude (who often has an unlit cigarette in her mouth). Moon Lee is wonderful and fights well, but her makeup is a bit severe at times. Yukari Oshima makes a great tough chick, and her brief moments of glory are fantastic.