Dragon Blue (Japan 1995)

Rating: **
Review Date: 5/10/01
Creature Effects: Steve Wang
Cast: Hiroko Tanaka, Keiji Mutoh

Low budget Japanese horror fare. Young women are mysteriously disappearing from a small island village and a feng shui spiritualist named Mayuko Mizuki (extremely pretty Hiroko Tanaka) is called in to investigate. She eventually enlists the aid of a super-buff insurance investigator (pro wrestler Keiji Mutoh) and tracks down the nasty sea demon who is the cause of all the trouble. Locked in mortal combat, she finally unleashes her own latent demon power and defeats the monster.

The film is simple and predictable, and only spoiled by a few moments of completely unnecessary sexual content. The effects are competent, but unremarkable, and the action scenes fall woefully short. However, most everything is forgivable because the beautiful Hiroko Tanaka is so enchanting to watch.