Deadly China Doll (HK 1972)

Rating: **
Review Date: 5/2/04
Cast: Angela Mao, Carter Wong

A confusing mix of kung fu mayhem. Pai Chien (wooden Carter Wong) comes to town looking to settle a score with the local crime lord, Scarface Wu. Han Fei also comes to town to enlist Wu's help with protecting a shipment of Japanese goods that's coming through town. Mr. Chai comes to town to hijack the shipment, and Angela Mao has her own reasons to make sure the shipment doesn't get through. It pretty much all boils down to everyone betraying and beating each other up until no one is left standing. Carter Wong sees the majority of the action and goes through his paces quite nicely. Angela Mao, lovely as always, is pretty much an innocent bystander until the last twenty minutes of the film where she unleashes her fury. Her fighting is fast and furious, but sometimes obscured by bad lighting. There are certainly worse ways to get a kung fu fix.