Deadly Angels (HK 1977)

Rating: *
Review Date: 6/23/07
Cast: Evelyn Kraft

Unbelievably awful. In order to bust an international diamond smuggling operation, Evelyn Kraft of Scotland Yard (!) assigns three female police officers to go undercover as showgirls (naturally) in an attempt to infiltrate the syndicate. In addition to being expert marksmen and martial artists, each of the girls has a secret special weapon that they've mastered. The Hong Kong girl wields a spiked ball on a chain, the Korean girl uses a miniature crossbow, and the Japanese girl has exploding earrings and a slingshot that doubles as a hairpiece. When the operation goes horribly wrong, Ms. Kraft comes running to the rescue with her trusty rocket launcher. Why she's wearing a halter top, short-shorts, and go-go boots is anybody's guess. The exploitation angle runs throughout the entire film, as panty flashes, boob shots, and lots of exposed flesh attempt to distract the audience from just how terrible the film is. Fortunately the girls are enthusiastic and full of conviction, and the kung fu free-for-all at the end is marginally entertaining. There's even a "death by komodo dragon" scene!

The box cover claims that the film stars Yuen Biao, but he is nowhere to be seen. It's possible he's one of many faceless stuntmen that get abused, but I didn't recognize him. Regardless, that hardly qualifies as a starring role. Additionally, the movie poster for the film inexplicably depicts the Japanese girl as a black woman with a big afro. Huh?!? Not worth your time unless you have a fetish for bad 70's cinema.